Setting New Years goals & resolutions that you’ll ACTUALLY achieve!

Happy 2022! As a full time dietitian, the start of a new year is always CRAZY for me work wise. Everyone is super hyped up to lose weight, adopt healthier habits, exercise more, or start a new diet. Or all of the above. Part of my education and training as a dietitian involves guiding people on how to make REALISTIC goals that are actually going to make sense for their life. In today’s post, I want to talk a bit more about these tips and how to set SMART goals for yourself for 2022- no matter what your intentions are!

First let me outline the concept of SMART goals:

S- specific (details, details, details!)

M- measurable (make your goal trackable- add data or metrics to reach as a target)

A- attainable/achievable (make it challenging but possible!)

R- realistic (make sure you’re setting a goal for something you can actually do! Example- saying you’ll work out everyday for a year is probably not a realistic goal!)

T- time sensitive (give yourself a deadline to work towards)

When setting goals, go through this list of components and refine your goal to include them. This will turn your general idea of a goal into a concrete action plan that you’ll be way more likely to follow through with.

I personally enjoy setting goals and resolutions for myself each new year from the personal, professional and even blogging standpoint. Blogging wise, I hope to achieve the following actions within 2022:

-Be more consistent with sharing deals/posting on stories on Instagram

How I’ll do it: I’ll make a checklist in my blogging planner of at least 1-2 fashion related deals to share with followers every week on stories. I’ll check off the boxes when completed!

-establishing new collaborations with brands to share on my fashion blogging platforms

How I’ll do it: I’m planning to make a list of brands I want to work with again or start new collabs with and I’ll send out pitches via email to at least 3 brands a month! For January, I’ve already secured collabs with La Colombe and a pop up shoe sale local to Jax!

-post at least monthly on my blog site!

How I’ll do it: a little self explanatory, but I’m setting the goal to post every month on WordPress. I’ve been listing blog post topics in a social media planner I got myself a few weeks ago and it’s been so helpful to start to outline content for the coming months. Having ideas on what to write about will definitely help encourage the execution of the posts themselves.

-improve the quality of my content- Aka upgrading my phone for a better camera!

How I’ll do it: already got an appointment at Apple in the books to upgrade my phone 😉 Wide angle lens, I’m coming for ya!

PLUS a bonus challenge for January that anyone is free to join me on! I will be doing a No Buy January, meaning I am not going to spend any money on clothes for the entire month. My disclaimer with this is that I will not be counting pieces that have been gifted/ obtained through site credit due to blogging purposes. Otherwise, no shopping for me! I’m excited for this challenge and hope to even continue it into February.

What goals and resolutions have you set for yourself this new year? Remember the SMART goal components and start crushing those goals!

Oh, and for any fellow bloggers, here’s the link to the social media planner I got from Amazon that is SO affordable and so helpful for planning content and getting organized for the year ahead!

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